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and in the united states is slipping. as of september, gm was holding a cash position of almost 43 billion dollars. new rules designed to help shoppers could hit a big profit generator for retailers. the federal reserve board has proposed rules that would prohibit charges for dormancy, inactivity and service fees on gift cards unless the card has been inactive for a year, no more than one fee is charged each month and the consumer is given clear disclosures on the fees. in addition, expiration datemust bfive years after issuance. but for those buying up gift cards to finish off their holiday list this year, you still need to keep an eye out for all those fees, as the fed's provisions are not slated to take effect until august of next year. more than 15 million americans could end up owing more in taxes when they file federal income taxes next year... thanks to anirs stake. the treasury department says it gave out too much money under the making work pay tax credit... and you'll have to give part of it back... if you have more than one job, are married and both spouses work - or received social
1 virus... each year, the seasonal flu kills 36,000 people in the united states - hospitalizes more than 200-thousand people... and costs the u-s economy more than 10 billion dollars in lost productivity and direct medical expenses.. experts say if h1n1 becomes more deadly.. there's a potential to see a lot more damage to the us economy. if h1n1 spreads the effect could be greater than we think.. as of august, all 50 states and 2 territories were affected and it could be a rough ride and all businesses need to be prepared. here's what experts say companies should be doing to prepare for the possible worsening of the effects of h1n1 update sick leave policies.. and temporarily forego requiring doctors notes if employees are sick. improve air circulation inside work environments... and have an emergency communications plan in place. still to come the verdict is in on the first major criminal case of the financial crisis... we talk about the impact it could have on any future cases... plus... are small business getting a chance to grow... a look at the lending environment coming up so,
.. cit is the fifth largest bankruptcy in the united states.. and taxpayers have lost the 2 billion dollar loan cit received earlier this year. a judge will consider cit's pre-packaged bankruptcy on december 8th. its not just the pending bankruptcy of c-i-t that's making it tough for small businesses looking for startup capital, tighter lending standards across the board are coming in to play. according paynet's small business lending index, the overall volume of financing fell 22 percent year over year in september. this while accounts in default by 180 days or more climbed slightly from august to september. as a result, some entrepreneurs are shaking down the family tree for financing. "a couple years ago, banks were giving loans out easily. now banks are not giving loans out easily." mark goodman runs entrepreneur workshops for score, a national non-profit dedicated to small business development. mark campbell is a score client looking to get a business focused on photorgaphy, video and web design off the ground. 'the major cost for me essentially is equipment. just getting
to the extent that the large accounts have been able to. still comes back to united states economy it comes back to 96 market shows really right now the state is overseas relative to the united states. are you of the opinion that the russell 2010 get above the 620 marks and make a new high along with the rest of the market in the kind of be depressing for the overall stock market perhaps bring major averages down? i would like to see if the russell could come from this most recent run-up that we saw in the dow and s&p 500 index where they're going to new highs but rose to just hasn't been able to get. a little bit nearer so we see a little bit of divergence here i like to see confirmation from the broad market that would confirm that this market may be continue to push higher but with russell trading sidewise is gonna be difficult for as people pushed much higher. how long are you giving the rest of 2000 to catch up? it is going to happen probably not putting on either side because i think was what happened is that the s&p 501 to run into a major resistance at either the 21 which is a the all th
on that issue a couple years ago 94-3 against bringing these people to the united states. i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have these prisoners incarcerated in their state. there may be some local officials who are going to support it, but i expect it will be a huge issue up in illinois, probably in the u.s. senate race up there next year. >> and is there anything you can do in terms of blocking funding for it? >> we'll be looking for ways to do it, and hopefully the senate and house will speak on this issue. >> let's turn to health care reform. senate democrats are expected to bring a bill to the floor this week. do you have the 41 votes in the senate to prevent them from even bringing it to the floor? >> well, what we do know for sure, chris, is this is a bill that cuts medicare, raises taxes and raises insurance premiums. we know it's been in harry re reid's office for six weeks and the other senators have not seen it. we should have enough time for the other 99 senators and all of the american people to take a look at this bill as majority leader reid has had. the
afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
degrees in st. louis. 64 in dallas. the center portions of the united states is dealing with warmer, mild air. that is what is going to be headed our way for the daytime for tomorrow. 60 degrees for tomorrow in some areas. the futurescan model, clear skies for the daytime for sunday. 8:00 a.m. a beautiful day. clouds will be on the increase throughout the day and by game time for 8:00 tomorrow evening, mostly-cloudy skies and then the rain showers will hold off. by monday morning, by your morning commute or if you have an early-morning flight, there could be travel delays as a cool front will push in allows for scattered rain showers. a better chance for heavier precipitation around 11:00 a.m. it's a fast-muling cold front that will push through fairly fast. we have an area of high-pressure system in control. nice and mild for the daytime for tomorrow. one more nice, sunny day. here comes that cold front is in the center portions of the united states. it will bring isolated rain showers for monday. light in nature on monday and pretty much a fast-moving cold front. once t
for terminology for our developmentally disabled across the entire united states. >> when is your birthday rosa? >> i don't think you can stop the playground use of the word probably ever, but we can stop teachers and doctors and professionals from using it. >>reporter: it could take years before this bill turns into federal law. >>> across the country, people are making big plans for thanksgiving and that means traveling to see friends and family. triple a expects nearly 39 million people who will be traveling this holiday. air travel, however, is expected to be down by about 1.5 percent this year. highway travel is expected to be up by 1.4 percent. >>> nicole was featured on maryland's most wanted two weeks ago and soon after the story aired, was captured by authorities. tonight police hope you will give them a tip that will lead them to her accomplice. jeff barnd ms. more. >>reporter: this is 21-year old brown. she's wanted by the regional warrant apprehension task force on several charges, including robbery and assault. police say on august 26th, brown robbed a boutique in federal hill
last night. look at that, there's not even rain out there in the united states, it's very hard to find, and quiet weather across most of the united states. that is where things are going to stay for us as well. we will have a cold front pushing through our region and not bring any rainshowers, it will bring a change in wind direction. by 5:00, a little cooler with the wind coming through through the northwest, otherwise, dry conditions for today, for tomorrow, high pressure systemmingsystembuilds in, and y is in store for tomorrow. the chance that we could see a 20 to 30% chance for an isolated rainshower, late wednesday night and through the day on thursday, more clouds on thursday than the next couple of days. high pressure system behind the secondary cold front for late thursday toward the weekend. for the day the eastern shore forecast, the high temperature of 63 degrees and the winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. a great day to be outside. central maryland 64 degrees, partly sunny skies and the winds will be strong, behind the cold front out of the northwest and ton
support, but it tells the people of afghanistan the united states doesn't have the will to stay. that's -- that is the problem we have. we've got to win the confidence of the people of afghanistan by helping them build not only a stable, secure country, but one where they can be profitable and have a strong economy. >> senator specter, i was going to bring you in. let me ask a question if i may first. you are now saying that you oppose sending any more troops to afghanistan, if i have it correct. what about the danger that you're going to allow if you do that, the taliban and al qaeda, the people that attacked us on 9/11, to regenerate? >> chris, i thought you'd forgotten i was on the program. i have made a floor statement that i do not believe we ought to add troops in afghanistan unless it is indispensable in our war against al qaeda. if it is, then we have to do whatever it takes, because al qaeda is out to annihilate us. but we can't succeed in afghanistan unless we have a reliable government, and the karzai government with the vote frauds and the corruption and the narcotics does
. it is traveling to the north. it is going to make landfall on the southern portion of the united states. in fact, they can look at the storm. it will be a category 1 and dropping down to making landfall as a category 1 around pensacola. this is the national hurricane center projected path right now. it's going to make a right turn and go over the panhandle of the state of florida and stay in southern georgia and over northern florida. zee an area of high pressure blocking that moisture to try to make its way north. it will be mainly a florida event in parts of the south and mississippi and also in alabama and georgia. we'll continue to monitor this. it's a very active category 2 down there that's churng in the gulf of mexico. at home, look at our hd skycamp relatively quiet conscience. we saw a beautiful day today. looking at 50 degrees right now. still a mild night. winds are calm. our humidity levels at 89 percent. as far as the temperatures across the area, 47 degrees in harris burg. 56 in new york city. down to the south of us. 50 in richmond. we'll continue to see the mild f
care reform efforts now put the spotlight on the united states senate after the house of representatives passed its own version of health care reform over the weekend, however the senate version appears to be stalled for now, at least. and there are some important new trends that could really change the way companies and employees pay for health care. tom lerche with aon consulting is here to talk about these new trends. welcome, tom. >> thank you. >> focus is starting to turn towards wellness programs and i want to talk about a recent study. 56% of employers surveyed are expect to introduce or expand a wellness program next year. 34% planning to introduce or increase financial incentives so how are we defining wellness programs in this case? >> wellness programs have to do with health risk factors like smoking, obesity, lack of energy and stress. mothers realize that 60 to 70% of the cost of care is related to chronic diseases in these chronic diseases, many have a behavioral component so if we can't persuade the mow to change behavior, they will be better off and the
... in the united states. i think it's a good way for drug stores.. to make money... but don't think it's going to help..we should just take care of ourselves." someone's making money off of fear it's costing a lot of money.. and 99% of people will survive no problem. these over the couter drugs carry lower margins.. than branded drugs.. and the uptick in sales will be helpful for pharmacuetical companies .... but it's *not likely to have a according to one morningstar analyst. still to come is the grass always greener? how salaries and jobwth your field stack up with pay in other sectors of the economy. the recession may be officially over, but the job market likely continued to lose work. the october jobs reports are due out friday and the unemployment rate could hit double digits. but there are fields hiring and with increasing salaries. steve kass is with jobs firm robert half international. nice to see you steve. let's talk about a year as we look into 2010 you have seen some stability moving into the market generally speaking. so salary all looked at i think we found those things are
national cemetery. >>> the united states, meanwhile, is demanding more accountability from afghanistan before it commits more aide for its civilians. he can do more to reduce corruption and go after those who may have lewded u.s. aid in the past. >> we agree that our goal here is to defeat al-qaeda. that has been a clear goal and a mission from the president ever since he made his commitment of additional troops back in the spring. >> president barack obama is expected to announce a troop increase in afghanistan after he returns from his trip to asia. >>> an unusual clash on the u.s.-mexican border. the washington times working on a story about how environmental law has become an obstacle for border patrol agents trying to stop illegal immigrants. >> the department of homeland security complained. they've had to mount horses because they can't upset the pristine lands down there. >> to read more, go to and click on the i con. >>> federal health officials say almost 4,000 people have died of the h1-n1 virus and 22 million people have had the virus. the cdc is urgin
it is misleading. i think these people are supposed to represent the citizens of the united states and i don't think they do i think they tried to get this passed as quickly as possible. as much as possible. i think the public has no idea everything that is covered in this bill. it's incredible. >>reporter: federal funding for abortion, for instance, is a key debate. in the senate version of the measure funding was removed from the house version. you can learn a lot more about health care reform by logging on to fox and clicking on the cure for health care icon. >> another warm day but it feels like fall soon. vytas joins us with the first look at the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: we are seeing the temperatures slide down a little bit cooler air moves in from the northwest and we have showers building in from the south actually on radar hd radar right now. you can see the leading edge of heavy rain fall down towards richmond and looks like that is the leading edge of what is the remnant left over from what was hurricane ida made land fall, became tropical storm then d
. >> when asked about his loyalty whether it was to the united states, he said no to the koran. what he has done is murder and assassinated people yelling out jihadist remarks and tried to communicate with al-qaida. and also he talked about these extremist views, even in his counseling sessions, he did not try to hide it. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. were the fort hood shootings an act of terrorism? so far 78 percent say yes. and 22 percent say no. steve from baltimore writes. on our website. this man was harassed to the point of violence by the right wing presidents that prevail our military. but another viewer writes, terrorism and hate no different. 13 killed as an act of hate to terrorize the rest. remember you can give us your response. in several different ways. you can go to and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. and enter fox 45 a for yes. or fox 45 b for no. >> breaking news out of northwest baltimore at this hour. city police are currently on th
brought to the united states from mexico to work as prostitutes. carlo sa lot was charged with trafficking and prosecutors have dropped the charges because of lack of evidence. big disappointment to the people that live around the homes. >> have something like that going o you know, 10 blocks or 10 houses away. you know, is disconcerting and it is disappointing obviously that they did not have enough evidence to be able to follow through with charges. >> now prosecutors say some of the evidence in the case disappeared. from the police department. and the two accused prostitutes refused to testify. >> a dozen suspects are accused tonight of stealing a foreign in books, nearly $100,000 worth of books from libraries and other maryland universities. karen parks live at umbc with the latest tonight on this story. karen, what can you tell us. they are calling them the library book bandits. suspected of stealing books from right here at umbc, libraries in baltimore city and county. and prince george's county and harford community college. >> today, we're announcing that a prince george's county j
're talking about the security of the united states being at risk here. >> well, there you have it, washington's most infamous couple getting into a white house state dinner without an invitation, and the reaction from the top republican in the house homeland security committee. and we're back now with our panel. dana, as a recent top official in this building, help us understand how it could happen, how someone could get into a state dinner without an invitation and just guess, what would the reaction be in the bush west wing if this had happened? >> i think it would be similar. the u.s. secret service is deeply embarrassed, concerned. it was embarrassing for our president which means it was embarrassing for the american people. i think it's possible that the uniform division, secret service officer, decided to let them through to the next wing. i think what we don't know yet is how they got through that second ring when they had to present identification. when you come to a state dinner, you get a table assignment. you have your name announced as we just saw. those things are prepackaged. we
at the united states of america. i'm an american. i love this country. i want everybody in it to do well. the conservative message is not, okay, hispanics, we have this plan for you. women, we have this plan for you. that's what the republican party is trying to do, emulate group politics, and the history is that why be democrat? let them handle that. let's go after the big tent that is the country and let's get every person in this country, i don't care what their race is, gender is, sexual orientation, if they have someone who is going to strengthen them, give them the tools, get out of their way and let them make this country work, republican party can attract a majority like they haven't seen since the '80s. >> in the "time" magazine article about glen beck recently, just as you found your place as the triumphant champion of the age of reagan, beck is tapping into the fear and anger on the right today. do you think that's why he struck such a chord, because he taps into the fear and the anger of the conservatives today? >> there is a lot of fear. there's a tremendous amount of fear i
legislation will bring the united states "one step closer to quality health care for all americans." legislation would cost $1.two trillion, $300 billion more than what was originally promised. the bill includes the controversial public option of government-run insurance programs. >>> a final vote is expected any time tonight. we want to take a live look on the house floor as those votes are coming in. right now they are voting on the amendment. looks like democrats are voting heavily against it. >>> there's a long way to go even if the overall health care reform bill does pass tonight. it needs to be passed in the senate and a compromised bill between the chambers has to be approved and sent to the president. >>> there was lots of opposition in washington today, hoping the bill doesn't get that far. >> (chanting). kill the bill. >> demonstratorstheir protest outside of the capital trying to convince lawmakers to kill the bill. protesters see it as a government takeover of the nation's health care system. >> it's government reaching in our personal life and that's -- when go
of the united states and then that will connect our way by sunday. so the weekend is actually looking pretty nice and mild so for tomorrow for saturday great day to head downtown or outside blue sky 52 degrees and winds will be a little bit windy not as windy for tomorrow for saturday and then sunday a beautiful day in store for us. mild temperatures close to 60 degrees on sunday. 58 for high pressure. ravens game looking nice but a tonight game. you will need to layer up because it will be cold. look at the low pressure in the low 30's and monday rain showers 53 degrees for high pressure. tuesday first day of december looking cold. 47 for high pressure. 49 degrees on wednesday. into the 50's by thursday and friday but another system push ins here for some rain showers. that's a look at the forecast back to you. >> thanks so much. that will do it for us at 5:30. thanks for joining us. >> be sure and joan us again for fox 45 news at 10:00 and late edition at
temperature of muggy temperatures. and 32 in chicago. 55 in dallas. so center portions of the united states is feeling mild air. it is moving our way by is sunday. so cold front pushed through today and brought the blustery winds in our region. and that moves out. and good news, is high pressure builds in beautifully for the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, wide spread sunshine. temperatures in the mid 50s. nice conditions, dry conditions. and sunny conditions will stick with us for a couple of days. and toward sunday, that's when temperatures climb into the upper 50s. close to 60 degrees for sunday. then as we look toward monday. another cold front develops and moves into our region and bring rain showers from monday. but tomorrow, saturday, looks like a beautiful day. 50 for the eastern shore forecast. winds still strong out there. it will take the time to slowly subside out of the northwest at 20 miles per hour. into central maryland. beautiful day in store. 53 degrees. partly sunny skies. and winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. and five-day forecast. things are not bad. sunday
the trial, muhammad defense team took aim. >> what is more unseemingly is the attorney of the united states saying we're going to virginia where mr. muhammad will be child. >> the vic are tim's family never demanded death for him but asked for prayers. >> we do not intend to be beaten by this. we do not hold hatred for anyone. we despise the actions taken. but the perpetrators were human beings just like ourselves. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news. >> well muhammad is set to die here in virginia at 9:00 tomorrow night. his last hope is with the governor of virginia, who is not expected to grant him clemency. we're live in southern virginia tonight. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right. jeff. families of the victims will be there for the execution. but his ex-wife will not. she said john flipped the switch apparently after his time in operation desert storm. and said john raged war on her psychologically and emotionally when she filed for divorce. >> i knew he was going to kill me. and i was fearful for my life. but i never ever thought that he would go to this length. never. ever. it st
places to go. >> over the years, the fund has set up more than 40 reading rooms throughout the united states. most right here in the baltimore area. >> you need the money. the time is right now. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. property in baltimore worth billons. that pay no taxes. a closer look at why the city is losing ground in the cover story tonight. >> but next. after one county bans teen taning, find out which county may follow >> baltimore's murder count for the year tops on 200. a rash of shootings throughout the city left eight dead. since thursday. john rydell with more on what the police commissioner is saying about the violence. >> i heard a woman screaming. help me, he is bleeding. he is bleeding. >> it was saturday afternoon. when 62-year-old margie stopped to visit her son. who is confined to a wheelchair. but moments later, a man wearing a ski mask opened fire. >> she took the groceries in the house and the guy must have came in behind her. and started to shoot. then he start to shoot. margie his mother. >> margie shot, at least twice and remains hospitalized. but h
asked about his loyalty, whether it was to the united states, he said no, it was to the koran. but he has murdered and assassinated people and yelling out jihadist remarks. and tried to communicate with al-qaida. and talked about the extremist views, even in his counseling sessions he did not try to hide it. >> that brings us to the question of the day. were the fort hood shootings an act of terrorism? so far 76 percent say yes. and 24 percent say no. nancy from lutherville writes on our website. this tortured soul is obviously mentally ill. too bad his superiors did not pay attention in time to prevent the incident. but ellyiate from belair writes. terrorism beyond any doubt. only a fool would call it any other type of crime. more responses on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> former governor ehrlich received a letter on state democratic party letterhead that outlines his so-called faults while governor of the state of maryland. what is so intriguing about the letter is that ehrlich has not announced that he is running for anything. we talked to mr. ehrlich about the letter in our poli
confirmed. we have made tremendous strides against breast cancer in the united states, a lost of it which is due to early detection, most of it which comes from mammography and self examination of that is a guidelines from a group that was in centered in washington and did not include oncologist. >> a lot of people are worried. if this is what you're suggesting, does that mean that my insurance will eventually say, hey, we can stop paying for it at the early ages. >> with the mammography, that would be true. if you had the public option, the way the bill is going through congress that task force would set the guidelines for reimbursement. i think women should be justifiably concerned. i think they should contact the secretary of health and human services and ask what is going on? why don't we have, why don't we leave these decisions up to the specialist. >> what would you say to the people who try to defend the new guide lanes saying this is -- guidelines, saying this is an example of the costs that we don't need and driving up healthcare. >> that is decision should be left up made betwee
are enemies of the united states. there's a difference between a devote muslim and a radical and different thing. this is not devote religious conviction. this is radicalism that he was talking about and they knew about this. i think they waited too long. >> if they knew about this, obviously, they don't want things like this to happen. why would they let that investigation go. he is okay. it's part because he was a major in the army. he had to travel up the ranks and he is a good guy. he has done a lot of hard work. >> these particular agencies are not used to doing police type work. they tend to collect and collect and wait a long time. that is part why they didn't act on her information of taking flying lessons. no one acted on it. >> whose responsibility should it have been to know this and act upon it. is it the bel intelligence. >>if the fbi had the information, why not tell the pentagon. shouldn't they be telling the millitary, way, wait a minute, we got a guy in a sensitive position. he is an officer in the united states army who is in contact with this guy. you should be aware of
of the united states. i'm shelby lynn. >>> election day didn't get as much hype as last year, but it could be a gage for ne because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. hundreds on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. >>> we need to get over to meteorologist steve fertig because he has a weather kid had a is ready to go and very smart, too. >>> absolutely this is chris tan halstead, right sph. >> yes. >> and you go to school where? >> maryland school. >>> and you are how old. >> i'm 8. >> and you are going to be doing the weather with me. >> yeah. >> he is ready to go. cool start, one it this morning when -- wasn't it this morning, whe
. the connecting point from mexico to the united states. we wanted something that would connect the two countries together. >> addition to the special sauce that he is working on over there. you have something special about your restaurant recycled material. >> it's 95% recycled material. >> what does that mean. >> all the materials that the restaurant deals with the table and the chairs and the stainless steel and the bar comes from buildings were that torn in baltimore and washington. it's four years of gathering the materials and everything is hand carved. >> it sounds pretty. >> i told him to cook and now i'm in the way for him to cook. what is going on next? >> we have -- we whip first together the tomato and all of the ingredients. >> they're boiling over there. >> we boil it and we have the salt. >> okay. >> layer we mix with the meat, too, right. >> okay. >> we got about a minute. >> yeah, and we got a minute. we put this ingredients all in juice, pineapple, achiote. it's one kind of root from mexico. right. >> you put it all -- >> we put it all and it's cooking. >> very nice. >> this is
for children and families that will be distributed around the united states and the around the globe. >> you have seen in the past years this makes a tremendous difference? >> yes, i saw firsthand. we brought 2,000 shoes at an orphanage. we placed shoes on 13 years old where this is the first pair of shoes that they have worn. soles for souls have given away 5.5 million pairs of shoes. we have seen the impact of gently used shoes can have on the need. we are teaching children to make the world a better place from the feet up. >> and you have challenged the schools. how are they responding so far. >> maryland is the second city to launch it. we have booked 50 schools coast to coast from here in maryland all the way down to los angeles, all competing in the same challenge. we will see which high school can make the biggest difference all the way to the elementary school. >> how many shoes do you think they can bring in. >> i'm putting the challenge to bring in 5,000 shoes if 15 days. >> we can do that here in maryland. >> what do they win. >> we're giving away a nice award. but we don't want p
in the united states. and. >> what does that mean for our lottery. you're good at what you do. how is maryland going to fair once you're gone? >> i have a wonderful team. i have to say that. it's the team. i like to say i'm just the pretty face. >> you are [ laughter ] >> i have this wonderful team that does all of the hard work and is so strong in terms of games and promotions. they do a wonderful job. >> you got your ravens tie on. >> no, i'm not changing allegiance. i'm a ravens fan. i'm going it to stay a ravens fan. i don't hate the redskins. >> neither do i, but we love the ravens. >> so do i. we love the ravens [ laughter ] >> we have to go again. >> we have to go, yes. they're making me wrap. >>> we will hear a tune from a baltimore band as they perform live for us. >>> a lost women on this island are going to go to topless. >> later the cable guy has a new getting something back in this economy? that's hard to find. ♪ earn holiday rewards at giant, every time you use your card. earn one point for every dollar you spend. good for up to 20% off a future shopping trip. redeem your poin
obama called a growing partnership between the united states and india. it was the obama's first day dinner in office. from mrs. obama's dress designed by an indian american to the mostly eventua vegetarian menu. the white house showed respect for their indian guests in every detail. the press conversation was over shadowed by the president obama looming announcement of his plans for the afganistan. he did not give details but he is settled on a plan that will quote, finish the is job in afganistan. he will layout that plan in full detail in a speech to the american people in the coming days. for now the more than 60,000 u.s. troops already in the country will celebrate a thanksgiving away from home this year. helicopters and trucks will bring in holiday food and some marines have live turkeys on standby as a back up. but you can never escape the realities of war. and officers will be warning marines to stay alert and not become complacent, because that is when the enny can strike. that is the latest from washington today. until next week have a happy thanksgiving. from the washingto
they raise money to send equipment to south africa and the united states. >> you will raise money by making great food like this. >> today we're going to make the foreigflor entina. >> traditionally you take rose marie and sugar and they take and rub it on to tuna on the steak. we are going to sear off a nice piece of tuna. >> we don't have a lot of time as indicated. we have time to only sear it, that is right. perfect dish. >> sear it off. what we want to do is plate it up. >> okay. >> this is all good for somebody who is in a hurry and is very hungry and wants to have it right now. >> yes, it is. >> absolutely. >> are you kidding me. you're already almost done. >> what is the key. what is going to give this the most taste on this some. >> the most taste is going to be the rosemary flavor that you're going to have. >> you want to take some the caviar that we have here. we make caviar out of parsly and we marinade it in infused oil. you want to take a little bit of the balsamic reduction that we have here. you want to finish it with the vinaigrette. >> it looks like artwork when you finish
to across the united that's next. heartland >> next year colorado will become the first state to lower its minimum wage. right now it stands at $7.23 an hour and it's set to be reduced by 3 cents an hour to 7.25, matching the federal minimum wage. it was an act approved by voters in which colorado's minimum wage would be tied to inflation and since the cosof&living is going down due to the recession, the minimum wages set to drop as well in coloro. this issue has been sparking a lot of debate and here joining us now to talk about it is brian costin with the heartland institute and bob bruno with the university of illinois at chicago. so let's talk about the policy figures here. they say it's going to affect 50,000 to 70,000 people who work in colorado and that get minimum wage. so the small percentage of the work force, but is there a bigger message that this sends in bob, let's start with you. >> symbolically, i think particularly during this economy it's a terrible message to send. when these minimum wage laws were passed and tied to inflation nobody ever mandle that anyone
this straight. when asked about his loyalty whether it was to the united states, he said no, it's to the corhahn. whaquran. he tried to communicate with al-qaeda, okay, and also he talked about these extremist views even in his counseling sessions, he did not try to hide it. would you say he is a terrorist? i would absolutely he say he is a terrorist. i don't know why the president would not tell him, the reason they don't want to call him a terrorist, as to the president doesn't want somebody to say that a terrorist act took place under his presidency. >>> this is someone who wanted to reconcile his islamic beliefs and wanted to be a part of the millitary, and counsel soldiers of killing muslims being muslims themselves. is the pressure enough to help him snap. >> reporter: we have pressure, we have issues, but do we go out and try to kill people, and killing 12, injuring 30, trying to assassinate people for no reason at all. we got to stop making these people to be victims. we make choices and better choices, absolutely, this guy is a terrorist. he used this issue and he always let it be know
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